About Marvel’s Avengers Station Family Attraction

Las Vegas Family Attraction Marvel’s Avengers Station

At this Las Vegas family attraction, you can delve into the history, science, engineering, genetics, technology and profiles of Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man. Your goal: To interactively assemble case files on each of the characters and move on to become qualified members of the AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N. If you think you have what it takes. If you think you can be something more, come to our Las Vegas Family Attraction – Marvel’s Avengers Station.

Who We Are

Victory Hill Exhibitions

Victory Hill Exhibitions is an exhibition Production and Distribution Company focused on delivering engaging, educational and interactive exhibitions for the global market.

Our focus is on developing long term trusted and strategic relationships with our clients by creating and delivering innovative and captivating content for audiences. With over 25 years combined experience delivering some of the most renowned and critically acclaimed exhibitions to the museum and entertainment industries, the team at Victory Hill Exhibitions is well placed to deliver on our Mission.

Victory Hill Exhibitions is a 100% subsidiary of Cityneon Holdings Limited, a mainboard public listed company in the Singapore Stock Exchange. Cityneon Holdings Limited is a company with expertise in the events and exhibition space, encompassing 4 independent but integrated business units in its operations – Interior Architecture, Experiential Environment, Events and Exhibitions. Cityneon and Victory Hill Exhibitions are recognized as leaders in their respective industries.

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Victory Hill Exhibitions is devoted to combining intellectual content and creative talent to produce world-class museum-quality exhibitions using the latest technological capabilities that deliver impressive visual appeal, educational content, and entertainment that appeals to visitors of all ages.

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