Las Vegas Marvel Avengers STATION Reviews

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Everyone who steps into the Marvel Avengers STATION is a recruit to be the next Iron Man, Black Widow, or Hulk! These recruits won’t just be tested on their knowledge and strength, but also get to see real Avengers uniforms and memorabilia, like Captain America’s motorcycle and Thor’s famous hammer. Think you have what it takes? These individuals did! Here are our top 5 Marvel Avengers STATION reviews from the past few months!

Have you been to Marvel Avenger’s STATION in Las Vegas recently? We’d love to see your favorite pictures and hear all about your experience!

Top Marvel Avengers STATION Reviews

  1. Sarah from Redondo Beach, CA left a Marvel Avengers STATION review on Yelp explaining her great time with her sons. Even her “trivia master” teenage son and daughter had a great time, learning more about the Avengers and comparing their hands to Hulk’s! Her tween daughter “left feeling like she could join the ranks of an Avenger”.Marvel Avengers Station Review Teenage Boy Marvel Avengers Station Review Tween Teenage Girl Thor
    Marvel Avengers Station reviews yelp review
  2. Shelley Mott and her husband came to Marvel Avenger’s STATION and loved how interactive it was! “This may be the only place in Las Vegas where you are encouraged to take pictures and videos and touch everything.” Her favorite part was being transformed into Iron Man!
    Marvel Avengers STATION Review Facebook
  3. Yelp reviewer Latika and her sons absolutely loved their experience!They spent over 2 hours and her kids even sized up to the Hulkbuster!
    Marvel Avengers Station Reviews Kids HulkbusterMarvel Avengers Station Reviews Yelp
  4. Nick C is an “insanely huge” Marvel fan and highly recommends Marvel Avengers STATION! We enjoyed seeing Nick with Captain America’s shield and especially loved his selfie with the Iron Man suits!
    Marvel Avengers Station Reviews Captain America Marvel Avengers STation Review SelfieMarvel Avengers Station Review TripAdvisor
  5. TripAdvisor reviewer CuriousClaudio visited with his son and loved how engaging and interactive the entire experience was. Even his wife, who isn’t much of a Marvel fan, had a great time, and his son realized just how large the Hulkbuster is in real life!Marvel Avengers Station Reviews TripAdvisor Son Marvel Avengers Station Reviews TripAdvisor Thor GirlMarvel Avengers Station Reviews TripAdvisor Impressed

If you’re in Las Vegas with kids, this is one immersive exhibit you won’t want to miss. The STATION is located conveniently on the Las Vegas Strip in Treasure Island above the CVS. You can even buy tickets online to save time!  

If you’ve already visited, we would love to read your Marvel Avengers STATION reviews! Post your selfies, favorite moments, and pictures of your kids training to be Avengers and share your experience with others. Leave a review here and you could be featured in another blog!

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